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Silicon Valley Mobility is a mobility consulting and advisory firm in Palo Alto, CA. Dr. Sven Beiker is the firm's Managing Director driving the future of mobility along the trends "automation", "communication", "electrification", and "commoditization". With his well over 20 years of experience in industry, consulting, and academia, he combines perspectives from technology, business, policy, and human factors to advise clients on products, business models, and go-to-market strategies. In addition to his consulting business, Dr. Beiker is a Lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University where he instructs students on strategies related to future mobility.


Silicon Valley Mobility serves startups, VC firms, and large corporations in creating the future of mobility with innovative products and new business models. The firm's field of expertise covers the 4 mobility topics automation, communication, electrification, and commoditization. Clients typically engage us on the following tasks:

"The 4 trends - automation, communication, electrification, commoditization - should not be looked at independently. They build on one another, reinforce one another, and need to be looked at holistically."

As each project is tailored to the specific needs of a client, the following outlines some general engagement types:


Public talk "Future mobility - does Silicon Valley have the answer?" recorded 12/2018 at a community discussion in Germany (German).

Interview "Deployment Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles", 11/2018 at the Tech.AD Conference in Detroit, MI.

Expert talk "Deployment of Automated Driving in the SF Bay Area" recorded 05/2018 at the Samsung Forum in San Jose, CA.

Lecture "Future of Mobility: A View from Silicon Valley", 04/2018 at the University of Michigan Energy Institute.

Keynote talk "The future of personal mobility", 04/2017 at the Seoul Motor Show Conference and Exhibition.

Lecture "Autonomous Driving, are we there yet?", 03/2017 at Stanford University, lively discussion with the audience.

Dr. Sven Beiker is regularly invited for keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions. Contact us for speaking engagements, workshops, or other public events.


Dr. Sven Beiker regularly publishes research papers and strategy reports and is sought after by the media to comment on current topics around mobility trends. The following examples from his recent publications provide an overview of his expertise and thinking.

Unsettled Topics Concerning Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles
inaugural publication SAE EDGE™ Research Report – 10/2018
Discussion of open topics regarding terminology, standardization, testing, and validation of sensors for automated vehicles

Road Vehicle Automation 5
edited book, Springer - 2018
Proceedings in technology, infrastructure, business, policy related to automated vehicles as presented at the Automated Vehicle Symposium 2017

Automakers in the Sharing Economy
co-authored case at Stanford Graduate School of Business (SM279N) – 10/2017
The changing dynamics of the personal transportation industry from the perspective of the automakers

Motivating Network Deployment: Vehicular Communications
co-authored paper in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine – 09/2017
Examination of the strengths and uses of dedicated short-range communications and cellular vehicular networks; exploration of strategies for network deployment

Road Vehicle Automation 4
edited book, Springer - 2017
Proceedings in technology, infrastructure, business, policy related to automated vehicles as presented at the Automated Vehicle Symposium 2016

How the convergence of automotive and tech will create a new ecosystem
co-authored article on McKinsey.com - 11/2016
Technology trends reshape the global automotive sector, customer preferences are moving away from its traditional strongholds

Deployment Scenarios for Vehicles with Higher-Order Automation
book chapter in "Autonomous Driving", Springer - 2016
Development paths for automated vehicles considering outside factors of infrastructure, economics, and technology

"While it is exciting to see that mobility literally has become one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley, that does not mean that the incumbents are on the way out. It will be first and foremost partnerships that determine success."

Implementation of an Automated Mobility-on-Demand System
book chapter in "Autonomous Driving", Springer - 2016
Case study covering the implementation of an automated mobility on-demand system at Stanford University

Disruptive trends that will transform the auto industry
member of the core team for McKinsey.com publication - 2016
Projections to help industry players better prepare for the uncertainty regarding automation, communication, electrification, commoditization

Transition pathways to fully automated driving and its implications for the sociotechnical system of automobility
co-authored paper in European Journal of Futures Research - 2015
Three possible sociotechnical transition scenarios for automated vehicles: evolution, revolution, and transformation

Evolution-Revolution-Transformation: A Business Strategy Analysis of the Automated Driving Industry
book chapter in "Road Vehicle Automation 2", Springer - 2015
Porter's Five Forces Framework applied to the automated vehicle industry and its different players and forces


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